Affidavit Process and Beyond

William Jackson

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Affidavit Process and Beyond

The main intention behind doing Affidavits to errant public officers is to get the

system to remove them from office, based upon the sworn Affidavits of Formal

Complaints filed by the Citizens who have previously sent Affidavits to these

public officers, which the officers did not rebut. If the system does not honor the

will of the people, remove these criminals and take lawful actions to prosecute

them, then, the Citizens can file civil suits in court.

The idea behind the Affidavit is to redress our grievances to government, a right

guaranteed in the First Amendment. When govt refuses to redress those

grievances, stop the problem(s) and resolve it/them, constitutionally, then, govt

officers war against the Constitution(s), perjure their oaths and violate the public

trust. Americans are painfully finding out that virtually all govt officers

throughout this country, federal, state, county and local, with very few exceptions,

are criminals who routinely oppose the Constitution(s), rights guaranteed therein to

the people and due process of law. It is absolutely unfortunate and tragic that the

American people never once, in the history of our nation, ever accepted the

responsibility delegated to them in the Constitution to be a self-governing people,

vigilant over their public officers operating the machinery of government. Now is

a crucial time for America, and now is the time that all loyal Americans who love

our republic and our Constitution(s) take lawful effective actions against the ruling


The Affidavit process has been very successful for a long time, in and out of

court. When used in connection with a court case by one party against the other

party, then, obviously, only one party is using that Affidavit which has been

unrebutted by the recipient. When used against errant public officials, with the

intention of lawfully removing them from office, the entire objective is for many

people in that jurisdiction to write Affidavits against the offending public

officers. Further, and most people forget this or neglect to do it, Affidavits are also

to be sent to the supervisory and oversight personnel of the errant public officer(s)

who received the Affidavit. A copy of the original Affidavit sent to the errant

public officer(s) should be also be sent to the supervisory/oversight personnel.

The Affidavit sent to the oversight/supervisory personnel can be very simple and

basically state that a public officer, and name him or her, serving under your

authority and watch, committed unconstitutional actions against me which have

harmed me. S/he has no constitutional authority whatsoever to inflict any form of

harm upon me, and any action s/he commits either supports and upholds the

Constitution(s) or opposes and violates them. His/her actions against me were

totally unconstitutional, therefore, committed without lawful authority, thus, s/he

exceeded the lawful scope of his/her limited delegated duties and authority,

thereby lawfully vacated his/her office, pursuant to Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th

Amendment to the national Constitution. Your duty, pursuant to your oath, is to

remove this man/woman from office and hold him/her accountable for his/her

actions. If you fail to do this, pursuant to your oath, then, you condone, aid and

abet these unconstitutional actions, war against the Constitution(s), and you will be

held personally responsible, because you will have stepped outside the lawful

scope of your limited duties and authority.

The whole idea here is to put PRESSURE upon the entire system, because the

entire system you are facing is totally corrupt and evil. It will take large numbers

of committed people to engage in this process to accomplish this result, and they

must be persistent, committed and courageous against the evil that rules them. If

large numbers engage in this process, and the system does not buckle under, that is

when the action is taken to court. In the court action, you can demonstrate that the

entire system is totally unconstitutional, does not uphold constitutional rights and

due process of law and by their own unlawful actions, war against the

Constitution(s). The unrebutted Affidavits previously sent to the errant public

officers and their supervisors and oversight personnel will support your lawful and

legal arguments made to the court.

Once the oversight and supervisory personnel fail to rebut, then, step 3 is to write

an Affidavit of Complaint against the public official to whom the original Affidavit

was written and the supervisory/oversight personnel, calling for their removal from

office and arrests, pursuant to the self-executing Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th

Amendment, and attach the original Affidavits as support for the Affidavit of

Complaint. These can then be delivered to the local sheriff for his lawful action,

pursuant to his or her oath, against the Affidavit recipient(s), as well as to the

county DA and prosecutor, if one exists, the state Attorney General and the U.S.

Attorney for your state. The sheriff is elected by the people, therefore, directly

responsible to the people, and not to the system. He or she has taken an oath to

support and defend the national and state Constitutions. All the other law

enforcement personnel mentioned have also taken oaths, and pursuant to the

mandates of Article VI, Clauses 2 & 3 of our national Constitution, all of them

must uphold the Constitution as the "supreme Law of the Land", SUPERIOR to

any other form of "law".

Best regards,

Jack and Margy




Affidavit Process Steps 1 through 5 – Summary


Affidavits are sent to the public officer whose unconstitutional actions have

perjured his oath, violated the Constitution(s) and violated the rights of the

people who were damaged by his actions. When the Affidavit recipient(s)

fail to rebut, in kind, then, go to step 2.


Requires Affidavits be sent to all supervisors and oversight personnel of the

original Affidavit recipient, with a copy of the original Affidavit

attached. When none of these oversight people respond, in kind, and rebut,

by means of their own sworn, notarized Affidavits, then, we go to step 3.


Affidavits of Complaint written against all those to whom you have written

Affidavits, which are unrebutted, are then filed with the: (1) County Sheriff;

(2) County DA; (3) County Prosecutor, if any; (4) State Attorney General

and (5) U.S. Attorney for your state.


When none of these so-called law enforcement entities take any action

against those you have cited in your Complaint(s), then, all of them must be

sent individual Affidavits which clearly state that, pursuant to their oaths,

they have not taken any lawful actions against the criminal unconstitutional

actions committed by public officers that were named in your Affidavit(s) of

Complaint. Then, you cite their failure to act, pursuant to their oaths,

against those who have harmed the people, as well as other appropriate

language that can be added as needed to state that they had a sworn duty,

pursuant to oaths taken, to act upon lawful notification provided to them by

Citizens, yet they took no action whatsoever. Therefore, they have

condoned, aided and abetted these unconstitutional, criminal actions,


perjured their oaths and invoked the self-executing Sections 3 & 4 of the

14th Amendment, vacated their offices and forfeited all benefits thereof,

including salaries and pensions.


When none of these so-called public officers respond, in kind, and rebut by

means of their own sworn Affidavits, then, the only choice left to the Citizens

is to take the matter to civil court because, by the failures of all those

notified in this matter, it is clear that there is no legitimate lawful

Constitutional governance in this state by which the Citizens can obtain

lawful remedy for the injuries they have sustained.

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