Module 1

Constitutional Conversations and Civil Dialogue

William Jackson

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Why Have Civil Dialogue?

Walkthrough of the Constitution


A Citizen's Guide

A Citizen's Guide on How to Interpret the Constitution is a Video Call conversation reviewing the book.

What Does it Mean to Have A Constitutional Conversation?


Why Have Civil Dialogue?

Some say it is a civil duty. All civil dialogue is based on voluntary interaction within the community. Voluntaryist principal beliefs stem from the idea of natural rights, equality, non-coercion, and non-aggression.

What does voluntarism mean?

1. : the principle or system of doing something by or relying on voluntary action or volunteers. 2. : a theory that conceives will to be the dominant factor in experience or in the world.

Voluntaryism is used to describe the philosophy of Auberon Herbert, and later that of the authors and supporters of The Voluntaryist magazine, which, similarly to anarcho-capitalism, rejects the police state in favor of voluntary participation in society, meaning a lack of coercion and force. (NAP) Non-aggression Principle. The non-aggression principle is considered by some to be an essential idea in libertarianism, voluntaryism, anarcho-capitalism or minarchism. Voluntary public discussion is a political duty.

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